Startup Business Consultancy

We provide integrated consultancy services for Startup Businesses and Entrepreneurs inside and outside Egypt.

Agencies and Distributorship Services

Experts in assigning local distributors in Egypt and Africa for EU and US based healthcare companies.

Medical Services

Over past years, InfoPiers had provided so many Healthcare companies and Distributors by several services to be able to...

Don’t worry about failure; you only have to be right once.

Drew Houston,

Dropbox Co-Founder and CEO


Inspired by the influence of information in all aspects of Business, and the vital rule of piers, where ships and boats lands and tight-up to land, we got inspired to establish “InfoPiers”.

DATA   >   Processing   >   INFORMATION

Data when processed it becomes Information. In business world, data are vital for any process, but without processing they’re useless. Here at InfoPiers, we have the know-how of processing of Data to become Information. Information that we can build on, provide opinions, recommendations, solutions, consultancy and ending by making decisions.

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