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Interior of Pharmacy
Doctor's Desk

Healthcare Services

Over past years, InfoPiers had provided so many Healthcare companies and Distributors by several services to be able to launch their business in the AFME region.

And being a very specific company in each and every provided service, InfoPiers launched a customized Medical Services in Egypt, Middle East and Africa to serve Healthcare companies who are interested in launching their business in these regions. 

Along so many details in the business process that takes place by InfoPiers, there were two basic services, Market Research & Market Access and Medical Supplying.

Business Team

Market Research

At InfoPiers, we provide a very professional level of Healthcare related Market Research activities.


Agencies and Distributorship

we’re experts in assigning local distributors in Egypt and Africa for EU, US and Asian based healthcare companies 

Medical Supplying

Through a very long experience of InfoPiers managements in the ICU and Oncology fields, InfoPiers has a joint-venture with


Market Access

At InfoPiers, we know that Market access is the process to ensure that all appropriate targeted customers, hospitals and healthcare...

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