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Through a very long experience of InfoPiers management team in the ICU and Oncology fields, InfoPiers has a joint-venture with one of the top Chemotherapy and Oncology local supplier in Egypt, while it supplies several products to ICU and Oncology centers including Chemotherapy and Diagnostic Solutions in addition to Hospitals on both Governmental and Private levels.

We supply only world class products and solutions to these centers, hospitals and intensive care units as a part from our main quality standards.

InfoPiers through its distribution network, serves and covers the biggest governorates in Egypt either through resident sales representatives or to be covered remotely from Cairo. Assuring a very effective coverage to all customers with an accurate visiting matrix and planner for the Sales Team.

In terms of %, InfoPiers and through its affiliates and local partnerships, has an active opened accounts with more than 70% of Oncology and ICU's customers (Governmental Hospitals, Military Hospitals, Gov. Institutions, Oncology Centers and Oncologists) in the Capital city of Great Cairo. And more than 45% for other cities and governorates in Egypt.

In 2019, InfoPiers started the same activities in few markets across the Middle East countries including Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and Kuwait. With the same efficiency of work, we succeeded to establish a very strong distribution network in these market in very short time and now we are starving for new distribution opportunities in these markets to expand our portfolio.

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