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BUSINESS SERVICES | Startup Business Consultancy

Startup Business Consultancy

We provide integrated consultancy services for Startup Businesses and Entrepreneurs inside and outside Egypt. These startups are of diversified business industries. Our consultancy starts from idea development, assessment of the opportunity (product or service) followed by planning, up to projects implementation.

Based on our extensive experience, supported by our team education background and certificates, we provide real life examples for Startups to share it with customers rather than just an academic approach which won’t be of an added value.


We’ve witnessed several business models that allows us to be the optimum partner for most of the startups in Egypt.
Provided Services for Startups:

  • Idea development

  • Assessment of the opportunity (product or service) 

  • Market Research

  • Business Planning

  • Project implementation

You just have to pay attention to what people NEED and what has NOT been DONE.. Yet!

Russell Simmons, founder of Def Jam

As a part from its extensive knowledge, InfoPiers offers a very unique Startup Business Development Course for Beginners.

Startup Business Development Course for Beginners:


The main goal of the program is to provide attendees by a full integrated information and real life examples about how to establish a Startup Business effectively. Through 8 Modules, they’ll learn how to develop their entrepreneurial mindset and their sets of skills, learn how to bring innovations, and craft a startup business model, bring all of the tools and lessons discussed together to successfully launch their own new business. We will cover a series of topics necessary for a successful startup business creation including: mindset, ideation, digitalization, planning, and financing.

They’ll learn also how to explore their own passion about being business owners in one day. Not only how to establish business they’ll learn, but they’ll learn also all Digital Marketing Tools that will enable them to sell their products and/or services. They’ll also learn how to evaluate ideas, creation of Feasibility studies and even Contingency plan (Plan B) if business was at risk and also when to Shutdown. Finally, they’ll be able to determine the proper time for each to quite their jobs and pursue their passions.

For More Information, Please Contact Us on or

Call/WhatsApp on: +20 1017 211 511

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